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Dunlap Codding Listed As One Of The Fastest Firms At The U.S. Patent Office

Dunlap Codding was recently identified as the second fastest patent firm at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for inventions falling within a broad range of technologies, including fields as diverse as organic chemistry, fuel cells, adhesives, and food (Technology Center 1700).  Juristat—Moneyball for Lawyers—designated this ranking based on the average amount of time required for completing the patenting process at the USPTO.  The average amount of time from filing to completion for all technology categories at the USPTO is 35.8 months; with the average time for TC 1700 being 36.6 months.  Dunlap Codding’s average elapsed time was 30.5 months, more than six months faster than the average.  

Other firms ranked among the top ten were Jones Day (#10), Merchant Gould (#4), Pepper Hamilton (#3), and Porter Hedges (#1).  Juristat chose firms from IP Today’s top firms for 2015 which had at least 100 disposed patent applications in the technology center. 

Nick Rouse, Dunlap Codding’s Managing Director, noted that Juristat’s findings underscored one of the firm’s key values:  nimble, prompt, responsive service to clients.  “We get results quickly because of our in-depth experience at the USPTO and understanding of the underlying technologies covered by TC 1700.” 


DC On Film Row

About DC on Film Row

DC on Film Row is a free event space open to everyone in our community.

We like to say that the space is a “home for creatives and innovators, home builders and the homeless, celebrators and the celebrated” so people understand that we are inclusive and want everyone from throughout our community using our space.

Our goal is to celebrate the incredible diversity of creativity, innovation, and passion within Oklahoma City and to provide a venue—free of charge—to those groups and individuals working to bind us all together and make our home a cooler and better place. No strings attached—no extensive rules to follow. We simply ask that all of our neighbors be honored and that all viewpoints be respected. Our criteria for use is simple: If the event, group, or meeting is something which strengthens our community and brings us all together, the space is available for use.

The space has hosted everything from charitable fundraisers to an underground nightclub party to celebrate Canterbury Choral Society’s 45th anniversary season. We host dinners for the OKC homeless population most Monday evenings where upwards of 250 people are served—we provide the space and soft drinks and a local church provides the food. We’ve hosted university planning retreats and monthly local rock concerts.

Every Wednesday, we open up the courtyard for lunch, invite a local food truck to set up outside our gates, and welcome our downtown neighbors into the space for a bit of socialization.

Our never-ending soda fountain seems to be the biggest hit with some of our neighbors while others spend time playing pool or simply chatting about what is happening on the weekend.

For October we turn the space into a haunted house and invite the neighborhood children to come out and trick-or-treat.

Got an idea for how to use the space? Just ask us – we’re almost certain to say yes!

The Space for Ideas.

Protecting all things creative

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