Nothing slows the pace of technological advances.  Computers, for example, evolved from visions created in science fiction literature, to rooms filled with light blinking mainframes, to desktop microprocessors executing billions of operations a second. Dunlap Codding’s professionals embrace the growth and change within this high-tech industry and is focused on the issues and strategies necessary for sound intellectual property asset protection and exploitation.

Firm-wide use of emerging technologies (such as Linux, Web 2.0 and other open source solutions) lets us integrate our firm with conventional “Brick and Mortar” multinational companies, as well as the “Clicks and Bricks” 21st century virtual companies. Emerging companies especially appreciate Dunlap Codding’s ability to deliver imaginative, viable solutions at fair prices.

Our issued and pending patents in the electrical engineering and software area are tried and tested.  We have more electrical and software patents that have withstood the rigors of litigation than any other firm in the region.  Getting a patent issued is the first step.  Having it withstand adversarial challenge during litigation is the true test of a patent’s commercial value.  Our electrical clients seek us out because of our reputation in the industry for developing defensible and likely to be infringed portfolios.

While many firms “talk the talk,” few firms have truly “walked the walk” and successfully obtained and defended electrical engineering and computer science patents.

A few of our many successes include:

  • Prosecuting and obtaining the infamous “Freeny Patent,” U.S. Patent No. 4,528,643, broadly covering the transmission of music, software, and digital images over the Internet. The breadth of the Freeny Patent’s claims was upheld by the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and is now the basis for worldwide licensing agreements—agreements with companies including Apple, IBM, and Microsoft.  The entirety of the portfolio we obtained for the client has generated revenues, through licensing and damages, in excess of eight figures.
  • We enforced the patents of Pictometry International, the developer of the modern aerial imagery used by Microsoft and governmental entities, against U.S. and foreign-based infringers.  Pictometry’s technology encompasses both software and electrical-mechanical equipment for capturing imagery from an airplane and instantly calculating and assigning accurate geographic coordinates of the ground to each and every pixel within the image.  The patent was determined to be valid and enforceable and the alleged infringers exited the U.S. market.  We have also worked with Pictometry to develop a world-wide portfolio of patents that have, to date, been used to keep all significant competitors out of the marketplace.
  • Split Personal Computer System—Dunlap Codding obtained, litigated and licensed a family of patents relating to the use of Internet based remote control of personal computers.  Examples of products covered by these patents include GoToMyPc®, WebEX®, PCnow®, and LogMeIné.  The entirety of the portfolio obtained by Dunlap Codding for this technology has to date generated revenues, through licensing and damages, in excess of seven figures.
  • Planar Optical Circuits and Integrated Optical Devices—Dunlap Codding obtained and facilitated the sale of a broad family of patents relating to planar optical circuits and integrated optical devices.  These technologies currently support the commercialization and sale of fiber optic systems used throughout the telecommunication industry.  During the sale of the technologies, the patent portfolio underwent and withstood scrutiny by some of the most respected technology law firms in the United States
  • Successfully prosecuted patent claims covering automated exit strategies for website trading investments, better known as “trailing stops,” which have been overwhelmingly adopted by the online investment trading community.
  • Currently used worldwide, the “intelliRock™” technology portfolio was protected by Dunlap Codding for Engius LLC. The intelliRock™ system is achieving significant industry adoption and allows for rapid concrete construction by profiling concrete’s maturity and temperature. This technology was most recently used to replace the I-40 bridge between Oklahoma and Arkansas. The bridge had been destroyed in a barge accident and reconstruction was accomplished in record time.
  • We prosecute software and business method patents in the field of color conversion and formulation.

Our professionals draw upon sophisticated industry experience and firsthand knowledge to provide a full range of services in the areas of: telecommunications, semiconductors, computers, computer networking, digital cameras, software programs, printed circuit boards, weather forecasting technologies, electronic test equipment, and web guiding equipment.

Some of us have also earned M.B.A. degrees, thus enhancing our ability to understand business realities and the importance of obtaining broad enforceable business method patents.