Medical Devices

Our medical device clients are leaders in the field, developing, producing and marketing devices across a wide range of technologies.  We represent a leading manufacturer of market instruments, implants and biomaterials for the surgical fixation, correction and regeneration of the skeleton and its soft tissues, as well as a company with a revolutionary platform of patent-pending technology designed to provide more efficient "white light" in head mounted illumination devices.  Another client provides proprietary electrical stimulation therapies capable of treating functional diseases and eating disorders.  They turn to Dunlap Codding because of our technical breadth and depth coupled with our micro-customized client service.

A Strategic Partnering Example—Medical Devices/Biotechnology

For a client with a medical device designed to maintain blood flow, we performed a complete state of the art search, analyzing more than 300 references to create a white space “map.”  This map was, and is, used to focus R&D efforts on disruptive innovations that allow for quick and unfettered access to the markets desired.  The map also identified “chokepoints” in the industry so that our client was able to exploit and identify licensing opportunities.  The current map contains more than 1,000 references—patent, technical, and literature references—and is used daily to facilitate innovative processes from the executive suite to the bench top.  As part of these efforts, we also facilitated innovation strategy meetings and we currently maintain an online proprietary database including visualization tools focused on the information collected and analyzed.  Through these means, we helped the client develop a patent strategy with a specific goal of early and fast market entry.  Market entry was achieved within 18 months of the project’s initiation—record time in this particular industry.