Entertainment, Media, and Sports

At Dunlap Codding we understand that entertainment law is nuanced and can be very complex. This is especially true where a creative venture crosses over into multiple entertainment mediums.

We enjoy working with creative entrepreneurs and advising them on how to make a profitable venture out of their creations while retaining their creative freedom and intellectual property rights.

We represent a wide range of entertainment and creative industry clients, including clients in the publishing, music, and movie businesses, in acquiring and protecting patents, trademarks and copyrights.  Clients have included one of the largest radio conglomerates and the producers and developers of an educational television show, the owner of a blog talk radio network and the owners of a fun and fast-paced on-line auction site. Some of our recent work includes:

  • Mass copyright registration strategy for a music label
  • Synchronization rights and master use agreements
  • Full service “soft” IP protection and analysis for creative venture businesses, including advising and assisting with trademarks, copyrights, work for hire agreements, industry specific agreements, terms of use, and privacy policy agreements
  • Identification of necessary assignment and work for hire agreement
  • Complex copyright filing strategies for group registrations of musical compositions and sound recordings for a record company, as well as works of the visual arts, including, mass photograph filing strategy and recommendations for a national aerial imagery company.
  • Strategic analysis and counseling regarding collaborative entertainment and technology projects involving authors, musicians, corporations, as well as individuals starting new businesses.
  • Preparation of opinion letters and memos regarding complex intellectual property ownership issues, including issues pertaining to derivative works of software and sound recordings, as well as chain of title disputes regarding trademark ownership and validation of trademark registrations.
  • Drafting of key intellectual property agreements including, right of publicity, license agreements, assignments, consent agreements, non-disclosure agreements, employment and termination agreements, terms of service, privacy policies, and work for hire agreements.
  • Strategic analysis and recommendations regarding copyright infringement of computer gaming concepts