Something to Think About

Antonin Scalia’s sudden death shocked the nation this weekend.  While we wait for news of his replacement, and even more so, confirmation of his replacement, it seems everyone is reviewing his past decisions trying to figure out how his absence may change the future of the Court.  Was he... read more
Why would a lawyer want to attend SXSW? You can strike up a conversation with nearly anyone at SXSW—with fellow passengers on a shuttle ride, with the people standing next to you in line, with people at bar on 6th street, or even with a table sitting next to you at a restaurant.  We... read more
This is an old video from RocketBoom – but I really have been drawn back to it the last couple of days (probably because it was rerun).  It is a cool product and the issues it raises about the interaction between branding, packaging and art really made me stop and think. My favorite quote is... read more