The master plan for the site includes several web features designed to deliver patent caselaw information in a more effective manner.  The first - the GimmeTen! feature - has quickly become the most popular page on the site...and for good reason.  Not familiar with it? ... read more (Matt/Steve/and I) announced earlier today the availability of a free preview issue of The Resolution, the inaugural issue of our quarterly magazine, The Reader.  Download the .pdf here. According to Matt: The Resolution will give you a sneak-peak at the features of the... read more
Recent IP jobs (or at least jobs the IP crowd might be interested in) listed on the LegalMojo legal jobs site:   Director of Federal Government Affairs -- MICRON Washington, DC Group Counsel Converted Products - AVERY DENNISON Mentor, Ohio Patent Attorney - GPCI Suffern, New York... read more
Happy New Year!  – and – Happy Birthday PHOSITA!  Wow – it is amazing to think we just stepped into 2007.  When we started PHOSITA three long years ago, we had no idea how this little project would turn out or even how long it would stay in existence.  Thanks... read more
Well… the Rethink(ip) folks have been promising the unveiling of a number of projects this fall … so, without further ado… World, meet LegalMojo… LegalMojo, meet the World.  Now, y’all play nice! One of the things that we have really enjoyed in our... read more
There is a new podcast available over at Rethink(IP): We are proud to announce that our newest podcast is available for your down loading and listening pleasure – Rethink(IP) Aloud #6.  The audio is approximately 47 minutes long and the file is a 41.1MB file.  If you want to grab... read more
The fine folks over at Rethink(IP) (ok – it is Steve, Matt and I) announce a new service based upon our highly successful “lawsuit filing” email subscription service. The fact that a lawsuit has been filed can be an incredibly valuable piece of information, especially in... read more
Listings of recently filed IP Lawsuits Trademark Lawsuit Filing Update (through May 27, 2006) Patent Lawsuit Filing Update (through May 27, 2006) Copyright Lawsuit Filing Update (through May 27, 2006) Trademark Lawsuit Filing Update (through May 21, 2006) Patent Lawsuit Filing Update (through... read more
Opps… RTIP’rs did it again. It was Steve, Matt and I’s pleasure to host Blawg Review over at Rethink(IP) this week – and, as usual, we couldn’t just leave things at the status quo.  We rebelled against “the man” by actually following the rules... read more
If you are interested in patent wonkiness – head on over to Rethink(IP) to listen to an interview/podcast Steve Nipper and Matt Buchanan had with Carl Oppedahl on the new electronic patent application filing system being rolled out by the USPTO on March 17, 2006. According to Carl’s... read more
Here it is, Blawg Review #34 - The Tryptophan Overdose Edition! As I was preparing this week's edition of the Blawg Review (while finishing my 180th piece of pumpkin pie), I  began reminiscing about all the wonderfully themed editions that have come out these past many months - there was... read more
Well it seems that I am destined to be fashionably late to all things BlawgThink these days. Day 1 – the newest member of DCR (more about that later) and I arrive late due to a very informative and interesting client breakfast. Day 2 – all the RTIP guys arrive late because of a... read more
  Rethink(IP) has a phenomenal guest blogger today --  Bill Meade, Ph.D., the president of Basic IP Management, Inc., who has extensive experience in the field of IP management and IP portfolio development.   Bill's post tackles the important task of invention... read more
  One of the "cooler" events that I had the opportunity to participate in this year, was LexThink! in April.    Well, the folks behind LexThink! are now giving us the opportunity to take the LexThink approach and apply it to blogging and the delivery of legal services --... read more
IP Memes will include a couple of new contributors in the next issue due out on September 26 - namely, Matt Buchanan of the Promote the Progress blog and myself. If you're not familiar with The TechnoLawyer should be. TechnoLawyer provides a number of great newsletters (including... read more