I don’t have much to add – just head on over to Promote the Progress and read Matt’s take on today’s seriously flawed op-ed in the Wall Street Journal: Promote the Progress on:  Wall Street Journal on the state of patent law: "Blame the Lawyers" And, as... read more
Just a quick post to get this news up and out – more to follow: March 1 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Supreme Court put new limits on antitrust suits against patent holders in a decision that gives companies more power to bundle products for sale to customers. The court today ruled in favor of an... read more
No software patents at all, of course. To the die hard advocates it isn’t about the quality of the patents being issued or the term of exclusivity that is being given.  It is about very existence of patent rights for software – period. In an article at NewsForge (the online... read more
Those EFF rascals are at it again – this time seeking the reexamination of Clear Channels' patent No. 6,614,729 covering system and method of creating digital recordings of live performances. According to the EFF press release: Clear Channel claims that its patent creates a monopoly on all-in... read more
Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.) asked the director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Friday if the controversy over who controls the patents for Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry technology indicates that USPTO needs to reform how it examines patent applications, according to a press... read more
It's pretty silly of me to quote Senator McCarthy on the blog without letting everyone know exactly what I'm talking about.  A reader or two asked about the reference to the Patent and Trademark Office's dogged pursuit of here's the explanation.... On the second business day of... read more
The PTO seems to be on an endless crusade to make the patent prosecution process more efficient.  To some extent, it's a noble pursuit, but when the ability of an applicant to seek proper protection for an invention is gets plain scary. Consider this quote from Eugene McCarthy "... read more
Looks like the Los Angeles times Editorial Board is excited that sanity may soon reign over the patent system.  I just cringe when I start reading articles that start out like this: PATENT LAWS MAY BE AN inventor's best friend, giving someone with a groundbreaking idea the means to capitalize... read more
  Al needs your help!    Many of PHOSITA's readers are corporate counsel, lawyers in private practice and corporations needing legal assistance.  I want to direct you to my friend Al Roberts' recent post about his experiences in Louisiana post Katrina. What a... read more
  September is over and done with - and thank goodness for that!    It was an Apple and trunk monkey kind of month, and it looks like the stats for Phosita back us up on that as well.    So, without further ado - the top 10 Phosita posts of September, 2005... read more
Below are a few True/False questions to test your invention knowledge. To reveal the answer, highlight the bracket that follows the question. The Statue of Liberty was patented. [True ] more The brassiere was invented by Otto Titzling. [False] more The flush toilet was invented by Thomas... read more
Cereal bars may be the next great thing to happen to fast food. But, should the first person to capitalize upon the idea get the exclusive rights to the concept? Maybe. According to this, The owners of Cereality are very serious about cereal. They have sent informative letters to competitors "... read more
Thanks to this post, I remembered that Made in the USA will air for the first time tonight at 10/9C. As you may recall, we mentioned the show in an earlier PHOSITA post. Be sure to watch, or to set your TiVo. But, if you set your TiVo, be careful. Apparently TiVo won't save certain shows... read more
IP Memes will include a couple of new contributors in the next issue due out on September 26 - namely, Matt Buchanan of the Promote the Progress blog and myself. If you're not familiar with The TechnoLawyer should be. TechnoLawyer provides a number of great newsletters (including... read more
  Via the TaxProf Blog (otherwise known as Paul L. Caron), comes this little bit of governmental fiasco: Warren Rojas (Investigative Reporter, Tax Analysts) has published Patent Office Rules Allow Simple Access to Tax, Financial Data, 108 Tax Notes 1079 (Sept. 5, 2005), also available on... read more