One of the greatest benefits of blogging the last couple of years has been the ability to speak at different conferences and CLE programs.  Both Matt and I have greatly enjoyed our experiences and travels this past year and look forward to meeting many more of our readers and colleagues in... read more
Wow... wow.... all I can say is ... wow. U.S. Patent Application No. 2004/0161257 has this little nugget in it as claim number 9. I applaud whoever drafted the application for their sense of spunk, but you really have to wonder.... what were they thinking? Personally, if there was an oath/... read more
Help!  I know the erudite readers of PHOSITA may have valuable information I need: I am working on article regarding the makeup of corporate board of directors and I am trying to get a sense of how many patent attorneys are directors. If you know of anyone or have a suspicion, please send it... read more
Via the Chicago Tribune, a quick update on the progress of efforts at the USPTO to increase the speed of processing patents on nanotechnology.  The conclusion in a nutshell: not much has happened. Alan Gotcher, president and chief executive of Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. based in Reno,... read more
  Yesterday evening, a couple of associates and I sat around the office laughing and joking about the experiences we’ve had in this crazy field since graduation  (note that this happened after all of the partners had left and we had finished all important projects of course).... read more
As many readers know, the U.S. PTO has been pounding its chest over the past year with threats of implementing a draconian and, as believed by many, unconstitutional rule limiting the availability of continuation applications.  Matt has a couple of great posts on the subject of the ‘... read more
Well… the Rethink(ip) folks have been promising the unveiling of a number of projects this fall … so, without further ado… World, meet LegalMojo… LegalMojo, meet the World.  Now, y’all play nice! One of the things that we have really enjoyed in our... read more
There is a new podcast available over at Rethink(IP): We are proud to announce that our newest podcast is available for your down loading and listening pleasure – Rethink(IP) Aloud #6.  The audio is approximately 47 minutes long and the file is a 41.1MB file.  If you want to grab... read more
The fine folks over at Rethink(IP) (ok – it is Steve, Matt and I) announce a new service based upon our highly successful “lawsuit filing” email subscription service. The fact that a lawsuit has been filed can be an incredibly valuable piece of information, especially in... read more
A couple of weeks ago, the IP Section of the Oklahoma Bar Association conducted its annual CLE seminar at Tanglewood Resort on Lake Texoma.  My partner, Nick Rouse, was in charge of the weekend and did a phenomenal job. The lecturers were top notch and although I am a bit biased, I would have... read more
Listings of recently filed IP Lawsuits Trademark Lawsuit Filing Update (through May 27, 2006) Patent Lawsuit Filing Update (through May 27, 2006) Copyright Lawsuit Filing Update (through May 27, 2006) Trademark Lawsuit Filing Update (through May 21, 2006) Patent Lawsuit Filing Update (through... read more
Until last week, I hadn’t been to Professor Kayton’s (Patent Resources Group) advanced patent law seminars in about eight years.  While I had taken PRG’s patent bar review course way back when, I had only attended one of the advanced seminars (chemical practice)... read more
Steve Nipper sent me a handbook from the Japanese Patent Office outlining different methods of mapping patent information and data. (JPO Patent Map Handbook (294 KB))  Steve always comes up with these little jems that he finds while scouring the Internet. As Steve knows, Matt and I are deeply... read more
Opps… RTIP’rs did it again. It was Steve, Matt and I’s pleasure to host Blawg Review over at Rethink(IP) this week – and, as usual, we couldn’t just leave things at the status quo.  We rebelled against “the man” by actually following the rules... read more
If you are interested in patent wonkiness – head on over to Rethink(IP) to listen to an interview/podcast Steve Nipper and Matt Buchanan had with Carl Oppedahl on the new electronic patent application filing system being rolled out by the USPTO on March 17, 2006. According to Carl’s... read more