A warm welcome to our new home on the web. As many of you might have figured out, PHOSITA (and her writers at Dunlap Codding) have been a bit busy with various activities and projects these past many months. Ok – who are we kidding, 2008 has been a very quiet and slow year for PHOSITA. Well, all... read more
Well, it looks like the USPTO finally updated the front page “news” on their website.  I took some time off watching it to help the trick or treaters out, so I am not sure what time it officially “went live”. So – kudos to the USPTO for taking approximately 7... read more
Well – it appears that the USPTO has sent around a memorandum to the entire examining corps informing them of the injunction. If you want to see the document, click here: PTO Notice.pdf (973 KB). Fairly routine and it doesn’t convey much information… but, it is now 6:10pm Eastern... read more
Hmmm…. As Steve, Matt and I have been noticing – it is 2:47pm Eastern time and the USPTO website still has no news relating to the injunction issued this morning. They, of course, still have up the warning about the Nov. 1st implementation from last week but they apparently cannot... read more
All around intellectual property and web wunderkind Matt Buchanan has taken his hugely popular PatentFizz site to the next level this past week – bold new colors, new layouts, and useful new content and tools. According to Matt, on his summer vacation he has been anything but slothful:... read more
Dunes CLE has all the fun - all the while providing an informative and timely panel of experts on intellectual property matters.  It can't get much better than a little gaming, some sun, a beverage of your choice after a day of in-depth legal information. Dunes' Fall, 2007 seminar is rapidly... read more
Although we have all seen how important the USPTO believes our comments to be on substantive issues, they have asked me to post this so readers of PHOSITA can weigh in. Complex Work Units Pilot at the USPTO The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is seeking participants for a... read more
Market Research Reports has released a new title on intellectual property asset management and protection entitled “Legal Imperatives on Intellectual Property Management”.  It appears to be an interesting read, although not inexpensive (550 Euros).  If any PHOSITA readers... read more
Patent reform is the buzzword around the patent world right now and, for once, the news is not limited to geeks, wonks and inventors.  The mass media appears to have gotten the "patent reform" bug as well - although, it appears that the "fixing the ridiculous" meme is taking hold.  For... read more
The master plan for the site includes several web features designed to deliver patent caselaw information in a more effective manner.  The first - the GimmeTen! feature - has quickly become the most popular page on the site...and for good reason.  Not familiar with it? ... read more
Of course the PTO has no ‘official policy’ relating to the dis-allowance of patent applications.  It is merely coincidence that the number of allowances have plummeted …. while the “backlog” continues to grow… Anyone have a FOIA form handy?  Discussion:  Matt Buchanan on “... read more
A report on a survey conducted by the American Association for the Advancement of Science details how international intellectual property rights are affecting scientists' ability to conduct research.  AAAS_IP_Survey_Report.pdf (477 KB) According to the report, patents do not hinder research:... read more (Matt/Steve/and I) announced earlier today the availability of a free preview issue of The Resolution, the inaugural issue of our quarterly magazine, The Reader.  Download the .pdf here. According to Matt: The Resolution will give you a sneak-peak at the features of the... read more
Recent IP jobs (or at least jobs the IP crowd might be interested in) listed on the LegalMojo legal jobs site:   Director of Federal Government Affairs -- MICRON Washington, DC Group Counsel Converted Products - AVERY DENNISON Mentor, Ohio Patent Attorney - GPCI Suffern, New York... read more
Happy New Year!  – and – Happy Birthday PHOSITA!  Wow – it is amazing to think we just stepped into 2007.  When we started PHOSITA three long years ago, we had no idea how this little project would turn out or even how long it would stay in existence.  Thanks... read more