Authored by Ann Robl, February 10, 2017 at 5:30 pm

Move over partners! In X One’s patent infringement case against Uber Technologies (CAND 5-16-cv-06050), Judge Koh has given the associates on the case a chance to argue a motion. Her order of February 3, 2017 states that “the Court and parties had difficulty setting a date for the hearing...because of the schedules of the Court and lead Plaintiff’s counsel.” Though “the Court often finds matters appropriate for resolution without oral argument” “to encourage the parties to give associates opportunities to argue substantive motions, the Court will guarantee a hearing on the dispositive motions if both parties allow associates who graduated from law school in 2009 or later to argue such motions.” 

How often do you see that?? 

Hat tip to Docket Navigator and Evan Talley for noticing this order.