The Licensing OpportunityThe universe of “technology,” embraced within patents, copyrights, trademarks, unpatented technical information, know-how, and trade secrets (collectively, “intellectual property” or “IP”) represents a highly valued and important tradable asset.  As such, intellectual... read more
Today the USPTO announced the launch of an interesting voluntary pilot program called the Patents for Humanity Program. The program is an awards competition for patent owners and licensees who apply their patented technologies to address humanitarian needs.Submissions will be accepted between March... read more
In what appears to to be the first dismissal of a declaratory judgment action post the Supreme Court’s decision in MedImmune, a court in Minneapolis dismissed two counts seeking declaratory judgment of non-infringement and invalidity (Case 08–cv-00816). According to the ruling: “However, although... read more
A couple of months ago I came across Mike Dillon’s blog – The Legal Thing – covering all things legal from the perspective of General Counsel at Sun.  As GC for Sun, Mike’s daily routine must entail a significant amount of attention to... read more
One of my new favorite blogs is the Financial Aspects of Intellectual Property blog by the folks at the Innovation Asset Group. According to their “about” page: Innovation Asset is a leading provider of software for intellectual property (IP) and contracts management. Founded... read more
Market Research Reports has released a new title on intellectual property asset management and protection entitled “Legal Imperatives on Intellectual Property Management”.  It appears to be an interesting read, although not inexpensive (550 Euros).  If any PHOSITA readers... read more
Well, when you are wrong – the best thing to do is to acknowledge the error and applaud the person who pointed it out to you. Well, kudos to Lawrence Ebert at the IPBiz blog who spent some time talking about patent trolls in a recent blog post.  With respect to my error, Lawrence kindly... read more
I guess he could be – he didn’t commercially exploit his patented technology, afterall. That “patent troll” definitional thing is a bit tricky when you actually think about it. But who is and who isn't exploiting the system is a grey area. Abe Lincoln obtained a patent,... read more
Ahh… someone finally put into print what a lot of us patent practitioners have wondered for awhile – when would someone claim that universities are patent trolls? The managing director of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation – i.e., WARF – does a nice job battling the... read more
So last week we asked ya'll to give us your best shot at a litmus-test definition for the term "patent troll."  It's an understatement to say that the response was somewhat underwhelming.  We received a grand total definitions. We've decided to take that as an indication... read more
What is a patent troll? Everyone in the patent community has a general idea of what makes a patent owner a troll, but I can't find a litmus test definition anywhere.  If you've got one, please put it in the comments.  I'm looking for a definition that allows me to... read more
Steve Cummings at Hodges Partnership was kind enough to send me a link to an interesting documentary (documentary is enttiled “What Do you Think?”) he directed for the IP Institute at the University of Richmond School of Law. It is a great tutorial and raises some interesting questions... read more
  Spooky spooky spooky......  It's Halloween and Denise "Ms. Howl" Howell has the latest edition of blawg review up at Bag and Baggage.   If you are looking for a last minute costume, she has some suggestions... trick or treat! read more
Cereal bars may be the next great thing to happen to fast food. But, should the first person to capitalize upon the idea get the exclusive rights to the concept? Maybe. According to this, The owners of Cereality are very serious about cereal. They have sent informative letters to competitors "... read more
While looking for information about invention marketing, I came upon a website telling How to Market Your Patent. I found it informative, so I tried some related links: How to Enforce a Patent and How to Conduct a Patent Search. While I found that the prices and the law were a little dated, my... read more