Google Video is like the big brother to YouTube – Google provides the information while YouTube provides the laughs (and outright childish gross out). Google Video actually includes a couple of seminars on patents, patent law and inventor resources.  A terrific example is Patent Attorney... read more
There is a new podcast available over at Rethink(IP): We are proud to announce that our newest podcast is available for your down loading and listening pleasure – Rethink(IP) Aloud #6.  The audio is approximately 47 minutes long and the file is a 41.1MB file.  If you want to grab... read more
The fine folks over at Rethink(IP) (ok – it is Steve, Matt and I) announce a new service based upon our highly successful “lawsuit filing” email subscription service. The fact that a lawsuit has been filed can be an incredibly valuable piece of information, especially in... read more
A couple of weeks ago, the IP Section of the Oklahoma Bar Association conducted its annual CLE seminar at Tanglewood Resort on Lake Texoma.  My partner, Nick Rouse, was in charge of the weekend and did a phenomenal job. The lecturers were top notch and although I am a bit biased, I would have... read more
Listings of recently filed IP Lawsuits Trademark Lawsuit Filing Update (through May 27, 2006) Patent Lawsuit Filing Update (through May 27, 2006) Copyright Lawsuit Filing Update (through May 27, 2006) Trademark Lawsuit Filing Update (through May 21, 2006) Patent Lawsuit Filing Update (through... read more
I have been winding down the Spring speaking engagement schedule and have been looking forward to some R&R over the summer – but a couple of opportunities have come up that were just too interesting to turn down. First, I will be speaking at ALM’s Small Firm Business Forum in Los... read more
Ahh… someone finally put into print what a lot of us patent practitioners have wondered for awhile – when would someone claim that universities are patent trolls? The managing director of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation – i.e., WARF – does a nice job battling the... read more
So last week we asked ya'll to give us your best shot at a litmus-test definition for the term "patent troll."  It's an understatement to say that the response was somewhat underwhelming.  We received a grand total of......zero definitions. We've decided to take that as an indication... read more
Steve Nipper sent me a handbook from the Japanese Patent Office outlining different methods of mapping patent information and data. (JPO Patent Map Handbook (294 KB))  Steve always comes up with these little jems that he finds while scouring the Internet. As Steve knows, Matt and I are deeply... read more
Interesting commentary by Joshua Hall over at The Independent Institute considering Oklahoma’s interest in creating a billion dollar investment pool for innovation and entrepreneurship. While of specific interest to me because of the Oklahoma connection, I would recommend it as an... read more
Those EFF rascals are at it again – this time seeking the reexamination of Clear Channels' patent No. 6,614,729 covering system and method of creating digital recordings of live performances. According to the EFF press release: Clear Channel claims that its patent creates a monopoly on all-in... read more
I am a bit behind the curve to welcome Guy Kawasaki to the blogging world, but you should stop by his new blog and sign up.  His first 30 days of blogging have been insightful and funny and the The Top Ten Lies of Entrepreneurs post doesn’t disappoint. Of course, being PHOSITA, the point... read more
Steve Cummings at Hodges Partnership was kind enough to send me a link to an interesting documentary (documentary is enttiled “What Do you Think?”) he directed for the IP Institute at the University of Richmond School of Law. It is a great tutorial and raises some interesting questions... read more
November was a slow month around here – it was a month of changes for PHOSITA and DCR and in the fray, the frequency of posts slowed a bit.  Melody Wirz moved to a new firm in Houston (new email) and we all wish her the best of luck.  Matt Buchanan began the process of... read more
BusinessPundit had this image up last week and like them, it made me laugh outloud (larger image here). The only thing missing, is what happens when the project/product is cleared by the lawyers – I imagine the tree being plastered with warnings, disclaimers and covered in thick padding to... read more