Although we have all seen how important the USPTO believes our comments to be on substantive issues, they have asked me to post this so readers of PHOSITA can weigh in. Complex Work Units Pilot at the USPTO The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is seeking participants for a... read more
The other day I mentioned a chart from the Economist outlining the largest patent granting countries – with Japan coming out on top. The Intellectual Asset Management Magazine also picked up on the online chart and added some additional thoughts to the debate concerning software patents.... read more
Market Research Reports has released a new title on intellectual property asset management and protection entitled “Legal Imperatives on Intellectual Property Management”.  It appears to be an interesting read, although not inexpensive (550 Euros).  If any PHOSITA readers... read more
Morningstar reports that four individuals have sued Secretary of Commerce Carlos M. Gutierrez for appointing an allegedly unqualified Deputy Director of the USPTO, Margaret Peterlin.  But really, incompetence in government, where’s the beef? Well, as amended in 1999, 35 U.... read more
Via IAM Blog (worth adding to the aggregator for IP types): Speaking today at the second plenary session of the CIP Forum in Gothenburg, Sweden, Randall Rader, a judge who sits on the CAFC in Washington DC, revealed that he believed the recent KSR v Teleflex decision handed down by the Supreme... read more
The master plan for the FedCirc.us site includes several web features designed to deliver patent caselaw information in a more effective manner.  The first - the GimmeTen! feature - has quickly become the most popular page on the site...and for good reason.  Not familiar with it? ... read more
A report on a survey conducted by the American Association for the Advancement of Science details how international intellectual property rights are affecting scientists' ability to conduct research.  AAAS_IP_Survey_Report.pdf (477 KB) According to the report, patents do not hinder research:... read more
FedCirc.us (Matt/Steve/and I) announced earlier today the availability of a free preview issue of The Resolution, the inaugural issue of our quarterly magazine, The FedCirc.us Reader.  Download the .pdf here. According to Matt: The Resolution will give you a sneak-peak at the features of the... read more
Happy New Year!  – and – Happy Birthday PHOSITA!  Wow – it is amazing to think we just stepped into 2007.  When we started PHOSITA three long years ago, we had no idea how this little project would turn out or even how long it would stay in existence.  Thanks... read more
One of the greatest benefits of blogging the last couple of years has been the ability to speak at different conferences and CLE programs.  Both Matt and I have greatly enjoyed our experiences and travels this past year and look forward to meeting many more of our readers and colleagues in... read more
Over at the SEO by the SEA blog, William Slawski has posted on newly published patent applications filed by Yahoo convering an implementation of the concept of “interestingness search.”  There is a pretty good exchange in the comments between William and Thomas Hawk... read more
Help!  I know the erudite readers of PHOSITA may have valuable information I need: I am working on article regarding the makeup of corporate board of directors and I am trying to get a sense of how many patent attorneys are directors. If you know of anyone or have a suspicion, please send it... read more
As many readers know, the U.S. PTO has been pounding its chest over the past year with threats of implementing a draconian and, as believed by many, unconstitutional rule limiting the availability of continuation applications.  Matt has a couple of great posts on the subject of the ‘... read more
We’ve done it again! Yes, that’s right, we’ve discovered yet another way to cure your boredom blues. But seriously, this is actually interesting stuff. When you get a chance, check out www.oyez.com. Oyez® provides access to over 2,000 hours of Supreme Court audio, biographical information... read more
In a press release, Lux Research called attention to their report on “Nanotech IP Battles Worth Fighting” that suggests there may be a problem with filing your next nanopatent.  The press release indicates there is an issuance stall in the USPTO regarding... read more