On Tuesday, November 6, Election Day, Oklahoma ballots will include State Question 766, which proposes an amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution to exempt all intangible personal property from taxation, including intellectual property such as patents and trademarks.  ... read more
Today the USPTO announced the launch of an interesting voluntary pilot program called the Patents for Humanity Program. The program is an awards competition for patent owners and licensees who apply their patented technologies to address humanitarian needs.Submissions will be accepted between March... read more
Well, that surely didn’t take long. Gene Quinn, at IPWatchdog.com, points to a letter sent to President Obama (PDF) from over 130 manufacturing companies located in the United States urging the administration to shelve patent reform.  In the letter, the parties clearly articulate their... read more
In what appears to to be the first dismissal of a declaratory judgment action post the Supreme Court’s decision in MedImmune, a court in Minneapolis dismissed two counts seeking declaratory judgment of non-infringement and invalidity (Case 08–cv-00816). According to the ruling: “However, although... read more
One answer may be business … It may be an interesting coincidence, but I dare you to read the linked article from the NY Times about the Supreme Court and its seemingly pro-business rulings of late, and substitute the word “patent” for “business” …. Though... read more
Well, it looks like the USPTO finally updated the front page “news” on their website.  I took some time off watching it to help the trick or treaters out, so I am not sure what time it officially “went live”. So – kudos to the USPTO for taking approximately 7... read more
Well – it appears that the USPTO has sent around a memorandum to the entire examining corps informing them of the injunction. If you want to see the document, click here: PTO Notice.pdf (973 KB). Fairly routine and it doesn’t convey much information… but, it is now 6:10pm Eastern... read more
Hmmm…. As Steve, Matt and I have been noticing – it is 2:47pm Eastern time and the USPTO website still has no news relating to the injunction issued this morning. They, of course, still have up the warning about the Nov. 1st implementation from last week but they apparently cannot... read more
  Yes, the chorus of cheers has risen up in the patent community – the dreaded Nov. 1st implementation of the continuation rules has been enjoined.  The order should be up this afternoon and we will update this post with a copy and analysis. What a wonderful Treat this... read more
Matt raises some interesting questions on all the patent reform/rules nonsense going on these days out East.  Worth a read and some thought about what “we” are bringing about in our patent system here in the U.S. Our patent system has two primary purposes - 1. To encourage... read more
One of my new favorite blogs is the Financial Aspects of Intellectual Property blog by the folks at the Innovation Asset Group. According to their “about” page: Innovation Asset is a leading provider of software for intellectual property (IP) and contracts management. Founded... read more
As the dust settles on the patent frontier, I bet every patent attorney/inventor/corporate counsel/law student is sitting at their desk reading and re-reading the USPTO rules.  Lucky for you, this week we are providing the key highlights via PHOSITA.  Today’s topic….... read more
This news report surprised me as I had never given much thought to the impact patent reform might have on the types of interests represented by Labor Unions.  But it makes sense. The U.S. patent system provides a barrier to entry for “knock offs” of successful technologies and, as... read more
Although we have all seen how important the USPTO believes our comments to be on substantive issues, they have asked me to post this so readers of PHOSITA can weigh in. Complex Work Units Pilot at the USPTO The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is seeking participants for a... read more
The other day I mentioned a chart from the Economist outlining the largest patent granting countries – with Japan coming out on top. The Intellectual Asset Management Magazine also picked up on the online chart and added some additional thoughts to the debate concerning software patents.... read more