The “Taco Tuesday” battle exploded on Twitter, blogs, NewsOK, Fox 25 News, and even Facebook.  Taco John’s owns U.S. Trademark Registration No. 1,572,589 for the mark TACO TUESDAY (seen below).  It appears that Taco John’s attorneys sent the Oklahoma City based Iguana Mexican Grill a... read more
Google takes the prize for one of the best April Fools’ Day pranks of 2010.  If you haven’t heard, be sure to visit www.google.com before the days end.  Also, check out The Official Google Blog for more information about their “new” company name, Topeka.  The... read more
Just a warning – this may sound a little snarky. So, you may or may not have heard – although I find it tough to believe you haven’t heard – but Google received a patent on the familiar search page interface we all know and love. It’s been a hot topic on Twitter the last two days – and I would... read more
Check out this statement from an article that I read today:    Now, as if you needed more proof that we live in a time in which stuffy lawyers don't dig the digital age, take a look at this: It looks like toy-makers Hasbro and Mattel have sent their legal goons to Facebook and... read more
Mr. Michael Schade did an excellent job for the first round of poems.  Now, it is time for my creation.  Everyone loves a good limerick….especially when it involves a little bit of “trolling”. There once was a troll from the city, who opened the trial with... read more
Morningstar reports that four individuals have sued Secretary of Commerce Carlos M. Gutierrez for appointing an allegedly unqualified Deputy Director of the USPTO, Margaret Peterlin.  But really, incompetence in government, where’s the beef? Well, as amended in 1999, 35 U.... read more
Over the Memorial Day weekend my husband and I went to Austin, Texas to visit his family and low and behold while we were there visions of intellectual property danced in my head.  Other than being the home of the University of Texas Longhorns (a huge rival of my alma matter, the University... read more
Along with Laura’s article about the next season of American Inventor (posted on March 16, 2007), read the following article, I Coulda Been an Inventor by Mindy Laster. Who knew that Marlon Brando, Eddie Van Halen, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Michael Jackson were all patent-toting inventors? Here’s some... read more
Check out this week’s WAR OF THE WORDS: Businessweek reports that in Beijing, China, a pharmaceutical company was refused permission to use the name of a disgraced official as a trademark to sell rat poison. Forbes reports that Jimi Hendrix’s sister, Janie Hendrix, is suing a Seattle... read more
Last weekend my husband and I went to see The Prestige with Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale – great movie, I would definitely recommend it.  The movie is about two rival magicians who are constantly trying to steal one another’s ideas and illusions.  During the movie I knew... read more
Wow... wow.... all I can say is ... wow. U.S. Patent Application No. 2004/0161257 has this little nugget in it as claim number 9. I applaud whoever drafted the application for their sense of spunk, but you really have to wonder.... what were they thinking? Personally, if there was an oath/... read more
According to a recent report by the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI), movie pirating contributed to a lack of jobs for more than 140,000 Americans.  But have no fear, the Boy Scouts are here!  On October 20, the Motion Picture Association of America announced that it has joined... read more
  Yesterday evening, a couple of associates and I sat around the office laughing and joking about the experiences we’ve had in this crazy field since graduation  (note that this happened after all of the partners had left and we had finished all important projects of course).... read more
In a recent case before the Federal Circuit – In re Martin G. Reiffin – the Federal Circuit went to great lengths to excuse the form and substance of the appeal due to the fact that the appellant was “pro se”. For those who don’t know, ‘pro se’ means ... read more
In choosing a vacation spot for the summer there were many options:  Las Vegas, Mexico, Hawaii, Caribbean.  So it is somewhat surprising to the rest of the office that I decided on Idaho.  I spent the past week in Island Park cooling off from the heat and fly-fishing. ... read more