Science-fiction minus fiction equals a 3D printer on your desk top. Your youngest kid barrels into your home office crying that his favorite plastic toy broke, so simply print him a new one. Of course, 3D printing is not limited to our favorite polymer-based synthetic. Just imagine printing your... read more
Launched in 2009, Kickstarter has been soaring into headlines lately for helping individuals bring their dreams to reality by giving various inventors, designers, and artists a forum to get financing for their projects. Kickstarter’s platform has recently helped raise over $8.5 million for a new... read more
Today the USPTO announced the launch of an interesting voluntary pilot program called the Patents for Humanity Program. The program is an awards competition for patent owners and licensees who apply their patented technologies to address humanitarian needs.Submissions will be accepted between March... read more
Considering how complex intellectual property law can be, it is understandable that many people – including authors, journalists, biz and tech bloggers, tweeple, etc. – confuse the terms and oftentimes speak/write of “patenting a book” or “copywriting a new gadget”.  I also receive a large number... read more
It is getting very "springy" here in Oklahoma and folks are getting a bit goofy - so, I guess it should come as no surprise that we have been chuckling about this snippet from my RSS reader tonight... If you were wondering what this is about - have a read over at Politico for the full angst,... read more
Maybe … Well, they probably don’t want to – but an inventor has developed a way to do so – all while you seat securely in your seat. United States Patent 6,933,851Hahne, et al. August 23, 2005 Air travel security method, system and device A method of providing air travel... read more
So, it is turning out that today is interesting teenager inventor Friday at PHOSITA.  This time we are thankful to Rachel Gilbert for developing feline false teeth. Seventeen year old British college student Rachel Gilbert has reached the final of a national competition, the Ideas... read more
Nipper, as usual, beat me to the punch in announcing a reunion of sorts for the Rethink(IP) guys in Las Vegas next month. Namely, all three of us will be speaking (along with a host of other great IP panelists) at Dunes’ “Patent Drafting & Prosecution” CLE that is... read more
All around intellectual property and web wunderkind Matt Buchanan has taken his hugely popular PatentFizz site to the next level this past week – bold new colors, new layouts, and useful new content and tools. According to Matt, on his summer vacation he has been anything but slothful:... read more
One of my new favorite blogs is the Financial Aspects of Intellectual Property blog by the folks at the Innovation Asset Group. According to their “about” page: Innovation Asset is a leading provider of software for intellectual property (IP) and contracts management. Founded... read more
Dunes CLE has all the fun - all the while providing an informative and timely panel of experts on intellectual property matters.  It can't get much better than a little gaming, some sun, a beverage of your choice after a day of in-depth legal information. Dunes' Fall, 2007 seminar is rapidly... read more
I really hate to admit where I found this information... I would love to be able to say while reading Forbes, but it was a bit less highbrow than that. No matter the source, the subject matter is truly fascinating: synergy occurs when inventive teams include women. "If you want to create a really... read more
This news report surprised me as I had never given much thought to the impact patent reform might have on the types of interests represented by Labor Unions.  But it makes sense. The U.S. patent system provides a barrier to entry for “knock offs” of successful technologies and, as... read more
BlawgWorld is back, bigger than ever, and featuring posts from both PHOSITA and Promote the Progress.  This eBook provides a collection of 77 of the most influential blawgs so it is an honor to be included again this year.  The guys over at TechnoLawyer have also provided a Problem/... read more
Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Children of all ages!  Set your Tivos and DVRs!  A new season of American Inventor starts Wednesday at 9/8c on ABC. American Inventor, from Simon Cowell and co-creator Peter Jones, returns for its exciting, innovative second season in search of... read more