September 5, 2012, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals came to a decision regarding one of the most closely watched cases in trademark law, Christian Louboutin v. Yves Saint Laurent. The Court of Appeals reversed the lower court decision which stated that a... read more
     In case there were any doubts, Entertainment is a big bucks industry. The endless focus on Hollywood mega salaries distracts from the reality that the entertainment industry provides hundreds of thousands of production and distribution jobs for Americans in every state. ... read more
The Ignite phenomenon is bubbling up throughout the world and it is happening within the state of Oklahoma as well (yes, even Oklahoma!) Last week was the first Ignite Tulsaevent and our own Emily Campbell dove into the fray with a talk entitled “How Not to be Waldo: Brands that Stand Out in a... read more
Want to be a part of something cool in Oklahoma City? Well - come help us prepare for IgniteOKC.  We will provide some snacks and drinks - you provide your brain and creativity. What is Ignite, you ask?  Ignite is a community intellect exchange - it is an open forum to share your... read more
Just a warning – this may sound a little snarky. So, you may or may not have heard – although I find it tough to believe you haven’t heard – but Google received a patent on the familiar search page interface we all know and love. It’s been a hot topic on Twitter the last two days – and I would... read more
Maybe … Well, they probably don’t want to – but an inventor has developed a way to do so – all while you seat securely in your seat. United States Patent 6,933,851Hahne, et al. August 23, 2005 Air travel security method, system and device A method of providing air travel... read more
So, it is turning out that today is interesting teenager inventor Friday at PHOSITA.  This time we are thankful to Rachel Gilbert for developing feline false teeth. Seventeen year old British college student Rachel Gilbert has reached the final of a national competition, the Ideas... read more
Via CrunchGear  — Nerdy Brit girls invent dope sunlight-sensitive nail polish to quash school rules Some students at a British high-school wanted to wear colored nail polish, but their school prohibited any kind of make up. They found the ban to be unfair so they came up with a novel approach... read more
I probably should have left the IP poem writing to Laura and Michael but I decided to take a stab at it.  Here goes…   A trademark can be a color,Like John Deere® green, it can’t be confused with any other. A trademark can be a logo,Like the Nike® swoosh, you’ll... read more
I really hate to admit where I found this information... I would love to be able to say while reading Forbes, but it was a bit less highbrow than that. No matter the source, the subject matter is truly fascinating: synergy occurs when inventive teams include women. "If you want to create a really... read more
BlawgWorld is back, bigger than ever, and featuring posts from both PHOSITA and Promote the Progress.  This eBook provides a collection of 77 of the most influential blawgs so it is an honor to be included again this year.  The guys over at TechnoLawyer have also provided a Problem/... read more
In a recent article by the Associated Press, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sent a cease and desist letter to Just Add Coffee, a Utah coffee shop, for using the image of a robed angel holding a trumpet up at an angle as coffee is poured into it.  The Utah coffee shop used the... read more
Check out this week’s WAR OF THE WORDS: Businessweek reports that in Beijing, China, a pharmaceutical company was refused permission to use the name of a disgraced official as a trademark to sell rat poison. Forbes reports that Jimi Hendrix’s sister, Janie Hendrix, is suing a Seattle... read more
The master plan for the site includes several web features designed to deliver patent caselaw information in a more effective manner.  The first - the GimmeTen! feature - has quickly become the most popular page on the site...and for good reason.  Not familiar with it? ... read more
And you thought all the news about political campaigns and intellectual property would be over now that elections have ended. Don’t worry, it’s not over yet. Check out this story. William H. Fenrick, candidate for sheriff in Grant County Wisconsin, recently legally changed his name to... read more