And thank you to the inventors of the Hinged Plastic Easter Egg shown above (U.S. Patent 4,124,135), Mr. Weder and Mr. Weder, for eliminating the need to match all those loose plastic egg halves!  read more
My three-year-old son and I drove to see the Easter Bunny this weekend.  In the car, I asked whether he was excited to meet the Easter Bunny.  He answered, “My teacher says that bunnies are wild, and I should look with my eyes and not my hands.”  He thought for a few seconds and... read more
Now in Chicago news….               Did you know? Dunlap Codding has had a Chicago office for over a year now.  So, let’s talk local Chicago IP news. Last week, "Piece," a pizza restaurant and bar in a popular... read more
Want to be part of the cool kids' group? Have a passion you’re dying to share with your OKC community at the next IgniteOKC speaker series? Join the IgniteOKC Leadership Crew in kicking off its 9th season on Thursday, February 18, 2016, at 5:30 p.m. at Anthem Brewery (908 SW 4th St.) for primo beer... read more
As you are trimming your tree and decking the halls, be on the lookout for these inventive ways to add to your holiday spirit! John Colak invented a Santa Claus Visit Kit (U.S. Patent No. 7,258,592).  Wait.  Does this mean Santa Claus isn’t real? Rapheal Goozner is taking the... read more
Today, we provide you some fodder to discuss at your Thanksgiving table.  Why not share some of this knowledge with your family and friends?TURKEY                        ... read more
A simple social outing seems like a no brainer, but there's a big difference between a well thought out occasion and a "random act of lunch."  One of the first things to consider is "why?"  There are a few reasons for a get together: To say thanks for business or referralsTo nurture... read more
The Elsing Museum Located on the Oral Roberts University Campus, the Elsing Museum calls itself “God’s Natural Art Museum." A showcase of priceless minerals and crystal formations, the museum is dedicated to sharing some of the most spectacular stones that have ever been pulled from the earth.... read more
PBS recently aired a terrific documentary on the life and career of Jim Henson. But did you know that Jim Henson and his future wife Jane Nebel filed for design patents in 1958 for their design of the puppets “Wilkins” and “Wontkins” used in coffee commercials – early precursors of what became the... read more
The above image is Figure 1 from the patent publication for a “Pop-Up Device for Deterring an Attacking Animal Such as a Bear.” Sadly, now abandoned. The device can be carried in a backpack and, when activated, deploys a quickly inflated figure (see above) and may emit noises, odors, smoke, and... read more
Hats off to Uncle Milton Industries and inventor Mr. Poesch for this entertaining patent (U.S. 7,338,340). Each toy starts as a stereotypical character with a set of sayings spoken in a character-specific manner (e.g. a policeman, skateboarder, soldier, infant, athlete, cheerleader, pirate,... read more
Whether or not you can have a float today, at least enjoy this patent for a “Root Beer Float Strainer and Method of Reducing Foam.” I want one of these! read more
Did you know that July is National Ice Cream month?   To celebrate I decided that a perfect blog post is a discussion about ice cream and intellectual property litigation.  So, this post is dedicated to “ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”   There have... read more
Childhood is full of science. It’s the chemistry experiment of combining your strawberry scented shampoo and your watermelon scented conditioner to see if you can make your own delicious 2-in-1 combo. It’s the engineering lessons of building giant sand cities, reinforced by cardboard to prevent... read more
In honor of National Take Your Dog to Work Day, we’re sharing this Canine Cleanroom Suit patent.So if you work in a testing lab for highly contagious material, you and your dog are good to go! (Disclaimer – this is not an endorsement for taking your rambunctious pup into a laboratory full of... read more