If you’re a multi-disciplinary intellectual property attorney like me, you’re required to keep abreast of multiple administrative manuals. For example, the Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure is a one-stop resource for administrative rules pertaining to filing trademark applications, and the... read more
     Dunlap Codding senior associate Emily Campbell has prepared an informative presentation on copyright law for educators, including a discussion of “fair use” in the classroom and a report on copyright litigation in the field of education.   read more
As most are aware, Megaupload recently came under fire from the government for violating copyright laws due to its practice of encouraging the public to upload and view enormous amounts of pirated movies.  As Jeremy Pelofsky reports, is accused of “engaging in a scheme that took... read more
Sharing X-Men Origins:  Wolverine on almost a month prior to its May 2009 release date resulted in a one-year prison sentence for a New York man.  According to Gilberto Sanchez's guilty plea, he purchased an unfinished copy of the movie on a Bronx street corner and... read more
The “Taco Tuesday” battle exploded on Twitter, blogs, NewsOK, Fox 25 News, and even Facebook.  Taco John’s owns U.S. Trademark Registration No. 1,572,589 for the mark TACO TUESDAY (seen below).  It appears that Taco John’s attorneys sent the Oklahoma City based Iguana Mexican Grill a... read more
Considering how complex intellectual property law can be, it is understandable that many people – including authors, journalists, biz and tech bloggers, tweeple, etc. – confuse the terms and oftentimes speak/write of “patenting a book” or “copywriting a new gadget”.  I also receive a large number... read more
Check out this statement from an article that I read today:    Now, as if you needed more proof that we live in a time in which stuffy lawyers don't dig the digital age, take a look at this: It looks like toy-makers Hasbro and Mattel have sent their legal goons to Facebook and... read more
Canadian author, Rebecca Eckler, is claiming one of the best romantic comedies of the summer (one movie that I have actually had a chance to see) was stolen from her book of the same name, “Knocked-up.”  It looks like she is in for an uphill battle since her main contentions... read more
Disney characters say it best in this humorous and informative recitation of copyright principles that includes an overall demonstration of fair use.  The beginning is a little jumpy so if you only have a couple of minutes to view it, I suggest skipping to around the five minute mark.... read more
In a recent article by the Associated Press, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sent a cease and desist letter to Just Add Coffee, a Utah coffee shop, for using the image of a robed angel holding a trumpet up at an angle as coffee is poured into it.  The Utah coffee shop used the... read more
As a precursor, I am a graduate from the University of Oklahoma and I have admittedly participated in the OU/TX college rivalry by displaying upside-down longhorns on numerous t-shirts as well as the back windshield of my car. So I simply could not pass up the opportunity to share this story with... read more
And you thought all the news about political campaigns and intellectual property would be over now that elections have ended. Don’t worry, it’s not over yet. Check out this story. William H. Fenrick, candidate for sheriff in Grant County Wisconsin, recently legally changed his name to... read more
Jodi Cobb, a photojournalist, recently filed suit against the LA restaurant, Geisha House, alleging that the restaurant used the picture from the cover of her book Geisha: The Life, the Voices, the Art (seen on the right at the top).  A llegedly, Ms. Cobb’s picture was used in the... read more
Things are getting hot out in the Pacific, and it isn’t at the luau.  Kim Taylor Reece, known internationally for his hula photography, claims Leialoha Colucci’s stained glass art, offered for sale at a Kaliua gallery, infringes on his photo “Makanani.” ... read more
Over at the SEO by the SEA blog, William Slawski has posted on newly published patent applications filed by Yahoo convering an implementation of the concept of “interestingness search.”  There is a pretty good exchange in the comments between William and Thomas Hawk... read more