Everyone at Dunlap Codding is extremely proud of Emily E. Campbell and Michelle M. Llanderosos for the incredible work they undertook in organizing and spearheading the steering committee for Oklahoma City’s first Ignite event – IgniteOKC (Twitter: @igniteokc). Dunlap Codding was thrilled to be... read more
Just a warning – this may sound a little snarky. So, you may or may not have heard – although I find it tough to believe you haven’t heard – but Google received a patent on the familiar search page interface we all know and love. It’s been a hot topic on Twitter the last two days – and I would... read more
A couple of months ago I came across Mike Dillon’s blog – The Legal Thing – covering all things legal from the perspective of General Counsel at Sun.  As GC for Sun, Mike’s daily routine must entail a significant amount of attention to... read more
BlawgWorld is back, bigger than ever, and featuring posts from both PHOSITA and Promote the Progress.  This eBook provides a collection of 77 of the most influential blawgs so it is an honor to be included again this year.  The guys over at TechnoLawyer have also provided a Problem/... read more
Of course the PTO has no ‘official policy’ relating to the dis-allowance of patent applications.  It is merely coincidence that the number of allowances have plummeted …. while the “backlog” continues to grow… Anyone have a FOIA form handy?  Discussion:  Matt Buchanan on “... read more
Help!  I know the erudite readers of PHOSITA may have valuable information I need: I am working on article regarding the makeup of corporate board of directors and I am trying to get a sense of how many patent attorneys are directors. If you know of anyone or have a suspicion, please send it... read more
From the Business of Life blog – good advice for attorneys and our clients. From How Experts Differ from Novices 1. Experts notice features and meaningful patterns of information that are not noticed by novices. 2. Experts have acquired a great deal of content knowledge that is organized... read more
Welcome to the 121st edition of Carnival of the Capitalists! We here are known as PHOSITA (pho – see – tah) : an arcane bit of patentese that refers to the mythical person of ordinary skill in the art.  If an invention is obvious to PHOSITA, you are SOL and will not be able to... read more
You know the old saying… save the best for last.  It is my utmost pleasure to be able to finally and “officially” announce that J. Matthew Buchanan has joined Dunlap Codding & Rogers, P.C.  I know that others (including Matt, Steve, Dennis and Kevin, among many... read more
Here it is, Blawg Review #34 - The Tryptophan Overdose Edition! As I was preparing this week's edition of the Blawg Review (while finishing my 180th piece of pumpkin pie), I  began reminiscing about all the wonderfully themed editions that have come out these past many months - there was... read more
I am somewhat behind in my journal reading, so while this may be somewhat older news it was something that I wanted to share with the blog-o-sphere. According to C&EN News (Chemical and Engineering News – November 7, 2005 issue), Standford University’s chemistry department... read more
Well it seems that I am destined to be fashionably late to all things BlawgThink these days. Day 1 – the newest member of DCR (more about that later) and I arrive late due to a very informative and interesting client breakfast. Day 2 – all the RTIP guys arrive late because of a... read more
  Rethink(IP) has a phenomenal guest blogger today --  Bill Meade, Ph.D., the president of Basic IP Management, Inc., who has extensive experience in the field of IP management and IP portfolio development.   Bill's post tackles the important task of invention... read more
Do you know what the heck your patent attorney means when you hear that there was a rejection based on prior art, or that there was an objection to the specification, or even that your patent claims were allowed? Hard as we try, we still often lapse into speaking "patentese" (a... read more
According to this, the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) finds that patent quality is deteriorating. The organization released survey results that indicate that 74% of respondents think they will be spending more on patent litigation in the next few years. The article states... read more