Thank you Professor Bainbridge for allowing respected and feared mentor Professor Kingsfield as your substitute in drafting the latest Blawg Review.  You have succeeded in transporting me back to my 1L year at Texas Tech where Socrates ruled my world.  Very clever. read more
The master plan for the site includes several web features designed to deliver patent caselaw information in a more effective manner.  The first - the GimmeTen! feature - has quickly become the most popular page on the site...and for good reason.  Not familiar with it? ... read more
Happy New Year!  – and – Happy Birthday PHOSITA!  Wow – it is amazing to think we just stepped into 2007.  When we started PHOSITA three long years ago, we had no idea how this little project would turn out or even how long it would stay in existence.  Thanks... read more
Over at the SEO by the SEA blog, William Slawski has posted on newly published patent applications filed by Yahoo convering an implementation of the concept of “interestingness search.”  There is a pretty good exchange in the comments between William and Thomas Hawk... read more
Well, our main office is located in beautiful Oklahoma City!  We also have satellite offices in Washington, D.C. and Perrysburg, Ohio.  This post is actually a test of a new blog posting software by Microsoft - Windows Live Writer (WLW).  One of the interesting features of WLW... read more
It seems everyone is a blogger these days, including librarians.  There is even a specific site for “news, commentary, and stories for and about Oklahoma Libraries.”  Fortunately, they have called attention to the Oklahoma Inventors Congress Annual Meeting being... read more
Opps… RTIP’rs did it again. It was Steve, Matt and I’s pleasure to host Blawg Review over at Rethink(IP) this week – and, as usual, we couldn’t just leave things at the status quo.  We rebelled against “the man” by actually following the rules... read more
Wow!  Colin Samuels has put together what is easily the best Blawg Review of them all over at his Infamy or Praise blog. As Colin sets out, the phrase “infamy or praise” is from Dante’s Inferno and this week’s Blawg Review is a tour of law blogs categorized according to... read more
  One of the "cooler" events that I had the opportunity to participate in this year, was LexThink! in April.    Well, the folks behind LexThink! are now giving us the opportunity to take the LexThink approach and apply it to blogging and the delivery of legal services --... read more
Do you know what the heck your patent attorney means when you hear that there was a rejection based on prior art, or that there was an objection to the specification, or even that your patent claims were allowed? Hard as we try, we still often lapse into speaking "patentese" (a... read more
IP Memes will include a couple of new contributors in the next issue due out on September 26 - namely, Matt Buchanan of the Promote the Progress blog and myself. If you're not familiar with The TechnoLawyer should be. TechnoLawyer provides a number of great newsletters (including... read more
Carnival of the Capitalists is up and hosted by Rethink(IP) this week - so stop on over and have a look.  It is pretty darn good, if I may say so myself. While you are at it - the Blawg Review is hanging out over at Blawg Wisdom It is well worth the look as well. Enjoy all the carnival... read more
Blog comments are part of the beauty of blogs. They allow different points of view to be shared, providing full analysis of various issues. However, comments can be out of line, obscene, or even worse: they can be spam! To combat the undesirable comments, many blog owners have adopted some sort of... read more
Responding to an overwhelming number of requests for an email subscription option, Rethink(IP) launched an email subscription feed over the weekend. Powered by FeedBlitz (a great new RSS to email solution : tip of the hat to Matt Homann) – you can sign up over at the Rethink(IP) site or... read more
Down here in the South we have a fondness for “sayings” – “Fast as a duck on a june bug” and so forth.  One of my favorites, however, is “Even a blind squirrel will find a nut once in awhile.”  Unfortunately, that saying just doesn’t hold... read more