USPTO Fee Changes Take Effect January 16, 2018

On Tuesday, January 16, 2018, the newest round of USPTO fee changes goes into effect from the final rule published in the Federal Register back in November. The USPTO has published a table that makes it easy to see the changes to fees. Notably, nonprovisional patent application filing-search-examination fees go up a total of $120, excess claim fees increase $20 for each claim in excess of 20 and $40 for each independent claim in excess of 3, design patent application examination fees are going up by $140, the design patent issue fee increases by $140, forwarding a Notice of Appeal increases by $240, a first request for continued examination increases by $100, a subsequent request for continued examination increases by $200, and the inter partes review request fee goes up $6,500 (all costs for large entities). 

For more information, see the USPTO webpage for Fee Setting and Adjusting.



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