Red Dirt IP Digs Up Americana Roots


Dunlap Codding is honored to partner once again with the Oklahoma Film + Music Office to spread the word of the booming creativity abounding in our state. This time we are headed to Music City, U.S.A.!

Next week, Douglas Sorocco, Director and Shareholder at Dunlap Codding, will participate in a panel of distinguished legal professionals at the 17th annual Americana Fest & Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. On Friday, September 23, 2016, Mr. Sorocco will share his intellectual property expertise with music industry members in a discussion coined “Current Courtroom Battles in Entertainment and Intellectual Property Cases.”

Shout out to our neighbors, The Okay See, for another super rad t-shirt design featuring our DC logo with a musical twist (pictured above). Conference goers can grab a t-shirt at the Studio Oklahoma booth and party.

On a personal note, my talented cousin, Chris Lowe, recently relocated to Nashville to pursue his musical dreams. Chris is a songwriter, singer, and guitarist for the band Volk. Although I regret missing this go-round of out-of-state partnering with OK Film + Music, I am tickled-red Chris is able to attend the conference in my stead. Back home, we’ll be looking forward to Snap Chat shots of Chris and Douglas from Honky Tonk Highway.

Visit Studio Oklahoma’s website for a list of Oklahoma events sponsored, in part, by our law firm.



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