Authored by Ann Robl, August 28, 2015 at 11:00 am

Hats off to Uncle Milton Industries and inventor Mr. Poesch for this entertaining patent (U.S. 7,338,340). 

Each toy starts as a stereotypical character with a set of sayings spoken in a character-specific manner (e.g. a policeman, skateboarder, soldier, infant, athlete, cheerleader, pirate, princess, etc.). The twist - they have detachable brains! Interchange the brains to make the figures say scripts from the other toys, but in their own voice. 

The patent describes one example of how the toy works as “a soldier’s brain would speak soldier jargon, but in an infantile way when on an infant body, providing increased variety and amusement possibilities.” 

Definitely amusing. Happy Friday! 

Illustration from FIG. 1 of U.S. Patent 7,338,340.