2:47pm Eastern - Why no news from USPTO?

47pm ESTHmmm…. As Steve, Matt and I have been noticing – it is 2:47pm Eastern time and the USPTO website still has no news relating to the injunction issued this morning.

They, of course, still have up the warning about the Nov. 1st implementation from last week but they apparently cannot update the website with the news that they lost and the rules will not go into effect tomorrow.

What ever are they waiting for?

Update: 4:47pm Eastern – Still no word.

It is coming up on the close of the business day at the USPTO and there is still no word on the front page of the USPTO’s website allerting patentees that the Nov. 1st implementation of the rules has been enjoined.

No email.

No website.

No phone call.

As the administrator of the entire patent system in the U.S., don’t they have an obligation (actual or implied) to notify their stakeholders about the injunction?

As Matt said, they had time to speak with the WSJ – why don’t they have the time to speak to their stakeholders?



[...] through the blogosphere, the Office remained silent. In fact, at the close of business that day, the Office still had not directly notified the patent community about the injunction that negated the need to file last minute [...]

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