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Circus Peanuts loose unwra copyHappy New Year!  – and – Happy Birthday PHOSITA! 

Wow – it is amazing to think we just stepped into 2007.  When we started PHOSITA three long years ago, we had no idea how this little project would turn out or even how long it would stay in existence.  Thanks to all of our readers for the great tips, the snarky criticisms and the amazing friendships that have occurred.  We are looking forward to our fourth year and we have a couple of new things up our sleeves to trot out down the road.

Speaking of friendships and new things, Matt, Steve and I are happy to announce the launch of FedCirc.us – the patent caselaw portal!  Built largely upon Matt’s stellar leadership and insightful writing, we have been tiddying up the tents and getting the main ring ready for y’all to come and explore.  A few folks have been testing the lines and unfurling the flags for us, but today…. well, today – WE GO LIVE!

Yes – it lives.  FedCirc.us is alive.  Visit it at http://www.fedcirc.us (and just because we have a wierd sense of humor, http://www.fedcircus.com will work, too).

Currently, FedCirc.us is a website that allows patent professionals and other patent stakeholders to access, digest and manage patent caselaw information.  The site is built on a foundation of timely, accurate, and considered reviews of patent decisions from the Supreme Court of the United States and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Check out some of these great features:

  • GimmeTen!(tm) - Get concise summaries of the last ten case reviews written...all on one page.  Bookmark it at http://10.fedcirc.us.
  • Read the Latest Review - Hit this button in the left menu to immediately get the full monty on the last case review written.
  • Case Data - Check out the Case Data box that appears in every case review.  There's a bunch of goodness in that box, including citation information and a link to download a .pdf of the opinion.
  • Case Flags - Red flags.  Big red flags.  Believe us, you'll known 'em when you see 'em.
  • Tags - Navigate the site by keywords.  Conduct legal research with your head in the tag cloud.
  • Practice Alerts - We issue specific practice alerts when we detect something important.  Sign up to receive these alerts, free!
  • Feature article - We're working to put together a team of authors that will publish timely and insightful analyses of the latest developments.  We'll provide more details on this soon.
  • E-mail and RSS subscriptions - A lot of the FedCirc.us content is available without even visiting the website.  Go ahead and subscribe.

We're extremely excited about this project, mostly because the website is just the beginning.  FedCirc.us is merely the leading edge of the most ambitious and significant RTIP LLC (otherwise known as the Rethink(IP) guys…) project yet.  We've got a slate of informational products and services - all built around the FedCirc.us foundation of case reviews - that we'll be announcing over the next several months.

So come on by and stay awhile – we just might buy you some Circus Peanuts!



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