patent reform lecture - j. matthew buchanan

A couple of weeks ago, the IP Section of the Oklahoma Bar Association conducted its annual CLE seminar at Tanglewood Resort on Lake Texoma.  My partner, Nick Rouse, was in charge of the weekend and did a phenomenal job.

The lecturers were top notch and although I am a bit biased, I would have to say that Matt Buchanan was one of the two best speakers over the course of the weekend.  Matt blogs about patent reform issues and patent legislation over at Promote the Progress.

Matt spoke on the recent patent reform efforts underway in the United States and the impact any such reform may have on practitioners and patentees. 

Considering the timeliness and importance of Matt’s talk, I recorded the lecture and DCR is presenting it here for your review and comment. 

The video stream can be viewed below (or you can grab it at Google Video as a stream, as a download or as a video iPod download).  The PowerPoint slides are available for download as a PDF file (2.2MB).