patent resources group

Prc_spine_logoUntil last week, I hadn’t been to Professor Kayton’s (Patent Resources Group) advanced patent law seminars in about eight years.  While I had taken PRG’s patent bar review course way back when, I had only attended one of the advanced seminars (chemical practice) since that time.  I had a vague recollection that the classes and social time were outstanding, but I still had some nagging concerns re: cost/benefit.

Well, once again PRG doesn’t disappoint –  the advanced seminars last week were timely, well run and the information was top notch.  One really nice aspect is how the seminars are scheduled – 8 to 11am and 3 to 6pm on the weekdays and 8am to noon on Saturday.  The break in the middle of the day allows for plenty of down time and an opportunity to hang out with the family around the pool.  Speaking of family – there are kids everywhere and since this was my first trip with our new son, I was amazed at how kid friendly and inclusive the seminar was of attendees children.  From the choice of resort to the first night’s cocktail party – kids were built into the entirety of the weekend.

Once again, kudos to Professor Kayton and all the folks at PRG – the seminar came way out ahead on the benefit to cost ratio!