handbook on patent mapping from Japanese patent office

Japan Patent Map ImageSteve Nipper sent me a handbook from the Japanese Patent Office outlining different methods of mapping patent information and data. (JPO Patent Map Handbook (294 KB))  Steve always comes up with these little jems that he finds while scouring the Internet.

As Steve knows, Matt and I are deeply interested in the use of software, such as the excellent mindmapping software “MindManager” by Mindjet, to graphically display and present patent information. We have used this type of a system for freedom to operate opinions, state of the art searches, competitive intelligence reviews and strategic patenting initiatives.  The JPO Patent Map Handbook is an interesting read that presents patent mapping initiatives from the point of view of a national patent office.

Well worth a glance if you, or your clients, do any kind of strategic patenting activities. 



I don't know about "scouring"...the link came from the latest edition of PATNEWS. http://www.patenting-art.com/clients/patnews.htm