a coup at blawg review

IStock_000000127707SmallOpps… RTIP’rs did it again.

It was Steve, Matt and I’s pleasure to host Blawg Review over at Rethink(IP) this week – and, as usual, we couldn’t just leave things at the status quo.  We rebelled against “the man” by actually following the rules – namely, we posted the top three law blog posts of the week – no link whoring (at least not for other people) allowed in this edition.  We picked them, we posted them – now let’s hear why we are/are not wrong!

The “honorable mentions” are over at Blawgr – our community blogging portal for legal professionals.  So, once you have been over to Rethink(IP), you should wander over to Blawgr and read the remaining links — lots of wholesome goodness awaits you over there as well.