FIBER Our firm under the microscope.

Legal professionals. Entrepreneurial spirits. Science experts. Tech gurus. Idea defenders. Intellectual property protectors. These are the people who make up the fibers that make up Dunlap Codding.

Since our start in 1957, Dunlap Codding has grown to become Oklahoma's largest, oldest and most versatile intellectual property law firm. From right here in middle America, we secure and protect intellectual property for clients across the country and around the world. At first glance, you might think our success is an extension of our all-American principles and relentless pursuit of uncommon knowledge. Upon closer look, you'll see that is precisely the case.

PEN & INK Services mightier than the sword.

If experience has taught us anything, it's that fighting for Intellectual Property rights can be a tough business. That's why we arm ourselves with quality writing utensils and an array of solutions built to tackle the toughest opponent.

A valuable piece of IP in its own right, the ink pen was invented so that man could leave a finer mark on his world, figuratively speaking. In that same vein, our pragmatic solutions can help ensure your innovative idea leaves a mark of its own. From medical science to computer science and anything in between, we will help you identify and protect the intellectual property that is rightfully yours.

RECYCLED Great for paper. Not your ideas.

If ideas are the currency of the future, it pays to know what yours are worth and how to keep them protected. Welcome to Intellectual Property Law. The art of staking your claim to the intangible.

From copyrights to patents, trademarks to trade secrets, IP law is a complex and evolving domain. But exactly what is IP? And how do you keep yours from being reduced, reused and recycled? Our IP IQ has the simple answers to these complicated questions.

SHAPE IP clients with the DC touch.

We like to think of IP law as a moving, shifting, evolving form of live art. An incredibly abstract one, at that. Our aim with each project is to take an idea, give it shape and watch it come to life.

As proud as we are of the IP works we have to display, it's even more gratifying to have a long list of clients that trust us to turn the intangible into the tangible. Over the years, we've built these relationships through high quality, timely and reasonably-priced legal services. And it doesn't hurt that we know what to do with an idea once we have it in our hands.